Hello and welcome to Brother Hipster. Brother Hipster aims to bring you the best content on the internet, which will include celebrity news, interviews, film and TV, reviews, animals, comedy and opinionated discussions and debates.

Who is Brother Hipster?

Brother Hipster is a new blog run by Jack Strange. I will be writing news – both celebrity and general – opinions, reviews and anything else that pops into my head one sunny afternoon. I hope that I can develop this blog as time goes on. This may include guest writers, permanent writers, video content and photograph content. I’d be up for your suggestions! I’ve always liked writing, and right now I am writing a series of books which I hope to publish when the time is right. I’ve always liked thinking and having a place where I can write those thoughts, so this blog can serve as that.

I’d like to bring up to date, topical posts to this blog, but I do have other commitments which could side track me. You’ll just have to give me a good kick up the arse if I start slipping on content!

Brother Hipster…

Hopes you can show support and help create a nice community here on this blog. I’ve blogged in the past, but I’ve never stuck to it. Maybe because I hit a wall and never got over it. I hope we can all show support for each other and I hope you can enjoy what I post here on Brother Hipster.

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